About Us

Welcome world!  This is Vallarta!  An amazing place, one of the jewels of Mexico, the crown of Jalisco State.

A place were love happens and beauty is part of the every day. Rich tropical mountains and endless beaches squeeze this cozy colonial town rich in culture, traditions, great people and ART everywhere. A place that is so Mexico but at the same time so diverse and open, a place that welcomes every culture and embraces difference. Food, music, people from all over the world are not stranger to Vallarta.  You find everything.

And that brings us to ART. If Vallarta is reach about something, besides nature of course, is ART, in every possible expression.  ARTEVALLARTA.COM is the window to some of the best artists that Vallarta is lucky to have.

We welcome you and hope that you enjoy this part of Vallarta’s beauty…